How to write a good blog post

Pick one topic and stick to it

Pick one topic for your blog, and build your whole text around it. A post centered around one topic will deliver the message much clearer than a post with five topics vying for attention. Readers like to know what you are trying to say while you are saying it. If your text seems a bit chaotic or people are confused, it often means you need to pick a smaller topic and stick to it.

Write for your audience

KU Leuven blogt has a very diverse set of readers: students, professors, journalists, researchers, staff… Besides that, blogs are public and accessible to everyone: high school students, senior citizens, google search-visitors… All these people read our blog outside of a professional context. So it’s important that your text seduces people into reading it and appeals to laymen.

  • Your writing style should be informal – this isn’t a scientific publication or report.
  • Try to get into your reader’s mind: why should the reader care about this topic, how does it relate to their needs or life?
  • Take careful note of the knowledge you assume your readers to have. Think of concepts like ‘correlation, replication, methology’. Defnitely explain all concepts that are exclusive to your own discipline, and it certainly can’t hurt to quickly explain basic scientific concepts as well.

Write a good title and intro paragraph (tip: do this last)

The title and the intro paragraph are without a doubt the most important part of your piece. Chances are the reader will only see the title (hopefully the intro) before they decide whether or not to read your post. The main goal of the title and intro is to seduce your reader into your text.

  • Use the titel and introduction to make clear what your blog post is about, and why the reader should care enough to read it. Don’t use a mysterious title in the hopes of raising curiosity.
  • Writing a good title and introduction is hard!  We recommend tackling this last of all, when you have a good overview of your entire text and what elements should be present in the introduction.
  • And introduction text should be short and sweet: don’t exceed three sentences.

Write a text that’s nice to read

  • Avoid runaway sentences and keep your paragraphs short
  • Use small seperator titles to structure your text
  • Add a few illustrations to make your text look visually appealing and draw readers in
  • Examples and stories can do wonders in explaining difficult concepts. This makes your subject easy to tackle.
  • Keep the concerns of the reader in mind: what is the bottom line of your text? What practical improvment or consequences does your topic bring?

Ask a ‘layman’ to reread your text

Let a friend, coworker, family member without specific knowledge about your topic reread your text. They will look at it from a different perspective.

Writer’s block?

A white screen and blinking cursor can make it hard to start on a text, especially when keeping all the tips above in mind. A good tactic is to simply write down all your thoughts about your chosen subject. Afterwards you can start editing them into a quality blog post.


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