About this blog

KU Leuven blogt is a blog for and by staff and students at KU Leuven. (Nope, that’s not a typo; ‘blogt’ is the third-person present form of the Dutch verb for ‘to blog’.)

While many of the posts that appear on the blog are written in Dutch, we welcome posts in English as well! Do you have a compelling opinion, big idea or captivating research topic? Share it here!

kuleuvenblogt.be is moderated by the KU Leuven Press Office. Posts are coupled under four themes: opinion, education, research and university life. English-language posts are classified under a dedicated ‘English’ tab, in addition to the relevant thematic category (in Dutch).

We invite all members of the university community to contribute. Bloggers write in their own name and are thus free (and encouraged!) to express their opinions, however critical.

Your contribution

Of course, the blog relies on contributions from staff and students to thrive. Perhaps you’re looking for new ways to share your research with your peers and the wider public. Why not become a contributing blogger?

We’re looking for:

  • Contributors willing to write posts discussing issues of societal importance, or issues currently being debated within the university community
  • Op-ed contributors

Do you fit the bill? We’d love to hear from you! We can give you some quality blog writing tips right here.

Would you like to write guest contribution? Let us know at pressoffice@kuleuven.be! We reserve the right to correct grammatical and spelling errors, return a submission back to you with feedback and a request to re-submit, or reject a submission.


This blog is a place for sharing and discussing ideas, opinions and events. In order to ensure that discussion progresses cordially, we ask you to stick to these guidelines:

  • Leave constructive comments; there’s no place for ad hominem attacks or aggressive language;
  • Use your own name; that way people can contact you to continue the discussion offline;
  • Keep in mind this is a public blog; if there are internal issues you wish to address, please contact the author directly.
  • Keep your comments to the topic at hand; if you wish to discuss a different topic, why not write a guest post about it?


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