Pass the chocolate, hold the beer: my year abroad at KU Leuven

BY HELENA WAREHAM. Moving abroad had never been an option until a lecturer enthusiastically convinced me that I had run out of reasons to not go. Three years later, I am near the end of an amazing year studying at KU Leuven in Belgium. I was particularly fortunate that another UEA law student also moved here because it has been great fun to have a friend from home to share the year abroad experience with. I have found new independence, confidence and interests including taking up photography. A particular favourite I have learnt from Belgium is to have chocolate sprinkles and toast for breakfast. I’m also proud to say I have learnt some Dutch, but sadly to the extent of translating menus, counting to ten and asking “Mag ik een zakje alstublieft?” (Can I have a bag please?)

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Als Nederlander studeren in België: een wereld van verschil

DOOR KELLY KEASBERRY. België is een aantrekkelijk land voor Nederlandse studenten. Studeren is in België namelijk goedkoper dan in Nederland en de kwaliteit van het onderwijs is er hoog. Dat maakt de overstap naar Leuven voor veel Nederlanders interessant. Toch verloopt het avontuur lang niet altijd vlekkeloos. Dat roept een belangrijke vraag op. Hoe komt het dat Nederlandse studenten het in België minder goed doen?
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Can your smartphone monitor stress to detect burn-out or depression?

BY DEBORAH PIETTE. Stress is sometimes referred to as the ‘disease of the 21st century’, resulting in an increasing prevalence of burn-out and depression. Smartphones on the other hand, have become the must have gadget of the 21st century, becoming real mini computers rather than just phones. What happens if you put those two trends together? That is exactly what I am investigating in my Ph. D. research. Lees verder